White Labeling of All Products & Services

White Labeling of All Products & Services


VOIP Calls

VoIP calls allow you to make cheap international calls through Internet. You will be charged according to the calling plan you have selected. VoIP calls can be done from your residential telephone, your mobile phone/device or the PC softphone – in all cases you will receive cost saving and qualified connection. For services offered while making VoIP calls


Calling plans

A Calling Plan is a set of rates and tariffs for your products. Calling plans are defined from the Reseller’s Administration Portal and are displayed on your website under the Calling Plans menu so that your customers may see the prices for the services you wish offer. For reseller’s calling plans the reseller set the rates at whatever prices he wants.


VOIP Services to Businesses

Offer VoIP calling services to business clients. You will be able to replace an established business’ existing landline phone system with a VoIP phone system, saving them a bundle on their long distance bill. With our solution, you will not need to install any hardware at your customers’ locations and you will be able to offer the features businesses demand, like easy extension definition, auto-attendant, call queue, and much more that have many advantages.


Further Detail and Definitions

If you need to define any other Telecommunication terms or acronyms or if you need to translate these into another language please consult Dr. Goodword’s Office, on the link below, where articles are kept about the nature of language and many other fascinating linguistic tidbits.

See: http://www.alphadictionary.com/directory/Specialty_Dictionaries/Telecommunications/