Hidden Benefits of VOIP

Hidden Benefits of VOIP


VOIP Services to Businesses

Resell VoIP calling services to business clients. You will be able to replace an established business’ existing landline phone system with a VoIP phone system, saving them a bundle on their long distance bill. With our solution, you will not need to install any hardware at your customers’ locations and you will be able to offer the features businesses demand, like easy extension definition, auto-attendant, call queue, and much more.

  • Cloud Based Service Delivery
  • Ease of Deployment
  • Unified Communications & Telecommuting Benefits
  • SMS Text messaging
  • Video Phone Support
Backup/Customer Care

This can either be provided by our support desk or your customer can be directed back through to you, this is entirely up to you.


There is no commitment, we will assist you with any enquiry you generate.


You are 100% guaranteed that your customer will only be offered telecom services and can be professionally account managed in a way that YOU require..

At Barr Tell we offer the possibility to provide value added services to your customers, without the need to invest in a new infrastructure or run big investments in telephony equipment. We provide you with all you need, transparent and with a 100% guaranteed service.


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Legal Matters & Agreements/Contracts

Hidden Benefits of VOIP