History of Barr Tell

History of Barr Tell

Barr Tell USA, Inc. is a fully Licensed Competitive Local exchange Carrier (CLEC) based in New York. As a Telecommunications Company, Barr tell USA was founded in 1998. Barr Tell is fully Licensed with all the necessary Governmental Authorities. Barr Tell has Registered Tariffs with the Federal Communications commission (FCC) as well as with the Public Utility Commissions in the States of New York, New Jersey and Florida.

Barr Tell USA is a CLEC of the 21st Century. As an Inter-Exchange Carrier (IXC) in addition to a “facility-based” CLEC (Competitive Local Exchange Carrier) we offer a variety of telecom products and services for both the Wholesale and Retail Customer.

Although Barr Tell collaborates with Incumbent local exchange carriers such as Verizon to provide the last mile loop for services like DSL, Barr Tell was established independently as a telephone company that offers its own network and switching facilities and constantly enlarges its product portfolio to keep pace with business and consumer demands to bundle voice, data, and Internet services.

Into the turbulent atmosphere of today’s fast paced business models as well as the increase in the number of telephone subscribers all demanding faster and more diverse communications services incorporated into a multitude of advanced telephone products and services, Barr Tell is constantly evolving its business model to keep pace with these changing needs of our customers as well as the emergence of small market niches and the rapidly shifting competitive environment.

In addition, Barr Tell is a savvy carrier and a prominent Local Phone Carrier and Service provider that continues to evolve its business model as well as its network. It also continues to support and grow our network infrastructure to power applications ranging from smart phone apps and texting over land telephone lines to hyper T-1’s andE-1’s that connect businesses having multiple phone lines to our network as well as to anywhere in the world using the latest technology.

As the present day users of the telephone with its many diverse ‘smart’ applications depend more and more on many networks that all converge with the use of the Internet; this continued usage requires a constant expansion as the amounts of this Bandwidth capacity increases, especially when this reliance on the Internet is a source of information for growing the dependence on e-commerce as a channel that drives growth and increases the adoption of cloud-based services, as well as other services such as teleconferencing and text messaging. To stay on top of the continued increase in the consumption of bandwidth Barr Tell is constantly focused on this facet of the Internet. This continued growth into the 21st Century demands not only that Barr Tell relies on the quantity of its bandwidth, but also on the quality, which is monitored and measured by such metrics as availability, latency, and jitter. As the increase of users transfer more and more specialty voice services and data onto the Internet cloud and greater upstream and downstream capacity of bandwidth is required, this sustained demand for bandwidth usage must run unabated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All our Customers can rest assured that our bandwidth is diverse and redundant and guarantees the maximum ‘uptime’

As Barr Tell USA operates its monitored, convenient and friendly network you can feel comfortable knowing that you’re provided the most reliable and secure voice and data solutions that will enable all of our Customers to grow into new markets, simplify their maintenance of services and retain their current business model(s) more efficiently.

The evolution of Barr Tell into a phone company of the 21st Century means that our infrastructure has continually advanced to deliver services customers are demanding in order to support new applications and business models. The evolution of our network goes beyond the threshold of meeting current needs to ensure that CLECs can remain competitive and relevant in the face of continuously shifting customer demand and competition.

Barr Tell is also referred to as the ‘new breed’ of competitive local exchange provider that offers more than just ‘dial tone’; we offer integrated connectivity and applications that are powering businesses around the world.

With increased demand of the business access market, Barr Tell has expanded its voice services to include online backup, online security and conferencing leveraging a variety of methods for network access, including DSL, T1/E1s as well as more traditional Ethernet based services such as DSL-based Internet Access, e-mail, Equipment Co-location, Web hosting and IP address space.

All of Barr Tell’s products and phone services are offered for their value having great quality and low prices.