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Barr Tell is continuously striving to be ahead of its class and a forerunner in the telecommunications industry, committed to delivering the most comprehensive and cutting-edge solutions

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Barr Tell's products and services continue to evolve offering all types of connections to link businesses to anywhere in the world using the latest technology.

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Barr Tell is a ‘new breed’ of a competitive local exchange provider offering much more beyond ‘dial tone’, where the world becomes integrated in the p[lam of your hand.

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Barr Tell USA, Inc. is a fully Licensed Competitive Local exchange Carrier (CLEC) based in New York. As a Telecommunications Company, Barr tell USA was founded in 1998. Barr Tell is fully Licensed with all the necessary Governmental Authorities. Barr Tell has Registered Tariffs with the Federal Communications commission (FCC) as well as with the Public Utility Commissions in the States of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania. Massachusetts, Washington DC, Maryland, Illinois and Florida.