HyperT1 and Sip Trunking

HyperT1 and Sip Trunking Service


Hyper-T1 is a breakthrough in T-1 technology that shatters traditional T-1 limitations. Not only can a Hyper-T1 line handle a larger call volume (30 concurrent calls vs. 23), it can also hold additional calls in a queue until a line or channel on the phone system becomes available, so that your callers won’t get a busy signal. It also has the option of assigning DID (Direct Inward Dialed) phone numbers from any state (unlike a Traditional T1 which can only give you local phone numbers), and has extra failover capabilities. In the event the first connection fails, it automatically seeks out a preset alternate route. The failover switching is performed seamlessly so that the user is not even aware that a problem had been encountered in the first place.

Hyper-Fast Setups – This Hyper-T1™ technology can be installed in your office overnight.

Failproof Performance

Redundant lines plus built-in failover capabilities, completely eliminate phone system failures. This technology delivers all the bells and whistles without sacrificing mission critical performance.



Hyper- T1™ allows you to take your phone services with you wherever you go – without having to reconfigure a thing regardless of relocating or setting up a disaster recovery site,

For added Mobility, the HyperT1 device can act like an analog telephone adapter (ATA),is a device used to connect one or more standard analog telephones to a digital telephone system. It can be used anywhere

Be Global. Act Local.

Get any phone number you want from anywhere in the world. Establish a ‘virtual office’ in NYC or LA (or even the UK or Switzerland) regardless of where you’re located. (Bringing all the VoIP – Trunking features to the old Legacy PBX phone systems using a imitated T-1 )

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